Monday, February 27, 2012

Healing & Wholeness

The other day, I was reading about a woman in the Bible who had suffered greatly. She had been bleeding for years, 16 to be exact. She had spent every penny she had on doctors, in hopes of being healed. It never happened. And now she was desperate. This is where Jesus enters the picture. He was surrounded by a crowd but she made her way to him, unnoticed. She thought that if only she could touch his robe, she would be healed. She did and she was. Healed. When Jesus figured out all that had happened he said to her, "You took a risk in trusting me and now you are healed and whole...". Healed and whole... those words bring tears to my eyes. I long to be healed and made whole. I guess that is what this blog is all journey in taking a risk to find healing and wholeness. There are things I have buried down deep. Really deep and the thought of digging them up and talking about them scares me to death. Terrifies me actually. But I don't know any other way for healing to begin. The time has come and although it feels risky, I am going to take His hand and walk into the recesses of me. He wants to heal me and make me whole but only if I am ready. I am.