Wednesday, March 21, 2012


A women’s sexuality is an interesting thing.  A Christian woman’s sexuality is even more interesting.  It is a part of a person that is rarely nurtured or given adequate attention to.  We go to school to nurture our minds, the gym to nurture our bodies, and church to nurture our spirits.  But our sexuality is often left to develop, all on its’ own, in a haphazard sort of way.  As I reflect on my own sexuality, I feel a deep sadness at the lack of attention given to it.  I feel angry too.  Angry about things people have said and done that have had a negative impact on how I view myself, my body and my sexuality. This topic is too vast to be explore in just one blog post…. So, hang on to your hats ‘cause the next few blogs are going to be dedicated to Sex and Sexuality.